Upper Primary
Upper Primary

In Section Two, we believe in educating our students to have a creative imagination which is the key to producing healthy, productive and successful lifelong learners. Our students are trained with skills that opens them up to change. As the world changes so rapidly, we focus on a creative generation who is able to adapt and thrive.

  • We aim to empower our students to produce novel and useful ideas to open-ended needs and opportunities.
  • We aim to provide the highest standard of teaching and learning, pastoral care and curricular and extracurricular experiences.
  • We aim to attain each child’s full potential in terms of physical, emotional, social and intellectual development.
  • We aim to enhance certain skills that prepare children to learn for life. These skills include; independent inquiry, team-work and effective participation, reflection, creativity and self-management.

In Section Two, we provide three programmes; the Cambridge Curriculum framework, the International Baccalaureate as well as the Jordanian National Curriculum.