Here in the kindergarten of de La Salle, we believe in the integration of both the academics and the personality of the child by using hands-on methods and spontaneous learning. In order to develop the child’s senses and to encourage him/her to communicate freely in an educational environment, we provide activities and games rich in culture and ethics.

Our curriculum aims to develop intellectual and analytical skills in the child by discovering his/her abilities, personality and interests. Also, by aiding the child in exercising his/her motor skills as well as manual and mental operations.

Our goals and aims are to:

  • Raise independent children who have self-confidence and strong self-esteem.
  • Develop intellectual skills and encourage independent thinking.
  • Motivate the child’s desire to learn and improve self-discipline. 
  • Teach the child how to think in a scientific way.
  • Teach the child the skill of asking questions to strengthen his/her analytical and deduction skills.
  • Teach the child tolerance towards others and strengthen the principle of sharing.
  • Help the child to express and communicate his feelings and needs fluently 

We have provided the KG with several facilities:

  • Music room where children can listen and sing along to songs and poems. We believe that music is extremely important to the cognitive development of the child.
  • Computer lab which is equipped with modern computers. We have chosen specific programmes to improve the child’s reflection and concentration skills.
  • Kitchen where the child can learn the importance of basic life skills and healthy hygiene habits.